Search Engine Optimization Marketing Tips


Search engine optimization marketing is definitely becoming one of the most popular topics in IM today. The reason for this is because traffic is not always reliable and it really can break the bank. Relying on natural organic results can often be a scary thing, but if you are in favor with search engines like Google, you really are in the money!

Marketing your website is never an easy task no matter how you decide to do it. If it was, everyone would instantly be able to make money online! You’ve probably heard of people failing to do this, so we know it is not the case. That does not mean that you need to meet the same fate!

All it takes is a good foundation for what SEO is. At its basic core, it is organizing your website in a way that is search engine friendly and contains components that will help the search engines rank you for your desired search terms. There has to be a little give-and-take with this. Your website should contain exactly what the potential visitor was searching for in Google. If you have what they were searching for (meaning high quality and relevance), the chances are very good that you will rank.

Those are considered to be “on page” factors. It is just as important to consider “off page” factors as well. In general terms, this means getting as many backlinks to your website as possible. You can get backlinks yourself, and you can get them naturally. Natural backlinks tend to come when you have written a piece of quality content that other bloggers or website owners are impressed with. You can egg this on by creating what are called “Linkbait” pieces that are controversial or surprising in nature.

Additional ways to get back links to your site include submitting to link directories, submitting articles to article directories, commenting on blogs, participating in link exchanges, and many more strategies. If this sounds intimidating — it often is! Many people start the process of link building and quickly give up because it is just too daunting. However, you can outsource this or even use an automated techniques. Just be very wary of techniques that rely on spamming other websites and you’ll generally be in the clear.

These are just the very basics of Brisbane search engine optimisation marketing. Over time you’ll find that your site starts to rank more and more highly, and you’ll realize that SEO is not as difficult as many people make it out to be.

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