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google my business for local seo
And how you rank matters.
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It should be part of a local SEO strategy for any business. This article sets out to provide you with an overview of Google My Business, the benefits of using it as well as giving you a guided tour around the dashboard. What is Google My Business how does it work with Google Maps?
google my business for local seo
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If you want to put your business on the map literally and metaphorically, you need to understand best practices for Google My Business and effective local maps optimization. When someone performs a local Google search for the products or services you offer, does your business show up on Googles local search results? If so, where is your business ranked on the first page of Google? Consider that it doesnt matter if youre checking on desktop or mobile. Remember, consumers rarely scroll further than the first page when performing a search. So, its imperative you ensure that youre GMB listing is fully optimized and you have a plan to manage your Google My Business listing to show up first for relevant searches. 92 of users will choose a service provider on the first page of their local Google search results. Source: SEO Experts. Luckily, we can leverage all these signals to our advantage. With a little help from local Google My Business search engine optimization, we can help to get your business organically ranked in that desirable 0 position on Google search.
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The increased visibility that Google has placed around Google Local listing results on mobile has meant that Google My Business is essential for local SEO. If you are searching on a mobile device you will see that organic results are now shown below the fold you have to scroll down to see them and there are now only the top three Google local results being shown - so due to the on-page real estate Google local can take up, theres huge traffic opportunities for being listed for competitive searches.
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More than 90 of online journeys start with a search engine, it comes as no surprise that search engines provide their own local business listings. Google now has around 1.17 billion users worldwide, presenting a fantastic opportunity for small businesses who can now reach a huge number of people online who may be interested in their products or services. Its no small wonder then that so many local businesses have already made use of a Google Business listing. A listing on Google My Business is one of the best, free digital marketing resources right now and plays a critical role in helping you get more customers when they search for you.
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It provides users with some basic information about your business such as your location, hours of operation and telephone number. A local SEO strategy will result in companies showing up in the top of the search results when a local search query has been made. Benefits of Google My Business for Local Search.
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Although most of this information can likely be found on your website, Google My Business indexes the content you provide for consistency across Google Search and Maps Google Local Guides can also review and edit your listings for consistency. But its not just a place to find basic information about your business. When used correctly, Google My Business is a powerful tool that can increase your revenue and provide valuable insights about your customers. Im going to explain its importance and how you can optimize it to generate more sales.
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Local SEO Company. Google My Business Management Service. Googles Eco System. Facebook Ads and Marketing. Social Media Management. Social Media Marketing. Social Media Training. Google Virtual Tours. Google My Business Management Service. Google My Business often shortened to GMB is widely regarded as a critical part of any local marketing strategy. As it is linked in to Google Maps, Google Search and Google Local, once you have a profile on GMB, you can be found much more easily by customers, particularly those in your locality. But being listed on GMB is only the beginning of the process and it is still common for businesses to find themselves struggling to stand out, even when they are in close proximity to their target customers.
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If the search uses near me or doesnt define a position, Google will do its best to provide the most relevant results based on where it thinks the searcher is located. Relevance - How well do the potential search results match what the user is intending to find? Having thoughtful and accurate information on your GMB business listing is critical if you want to show up for those who are actively searching for what your business offers. Prominence - How well-known is the business - on and offline? The more well-known a brand or business location is, the higher a the business will be ranked in search results. How many reviews does the business have, and are they positive or negative? What content do you have on your website that provides value to the local community? Are there several photos in your GMB profile? For example, Google might determine that Business A is farther away from the searcher than Business B, but rank it more highly because its more well-known with quality services that are relevant to the search intent. How do I get started using Google My Business?

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