Common SEO Mistakes to Avoid


Traffic is necessary for every website, be it large, small or medium. A website that is not visited by targeted traffic is of no use even if it has one of the best web designs. A stream of visitors flows to the website when it is visible to the search engines. The process of making your website most frequently visible on search engines is called search engine optimization.

While doing search engine optimization of website, thereare some common SEO mistakes to avoid if you want to rank your website well.

Page Title

One of the most common SEO mistakes relate to page title. Page title is the first concise introduction about your website. Therefore, do avoid using poor web page titles like About us, Home, Welcome and others like these. Such titles give no information about the web page and hence are worst titles one can use. Not only for the users but also for the search engine crawlers or spiders, page title is the first thing that is seen and taken into consideration. Also avoid making titles that are too long as spiders consider only the first 60-70 characters of the page title.

Using same keywords in all tags: The other most common SEO mistakes is using same keywords in titles of each page, description and other Meta tags of your website. The keywords used should be specific to each page.

Stuffing content with keywords

Some web site owners use too many keywords that it deteriorates the content quality and readability. Keywords must always used moderately and must come in the content in a natural flow.  You must avoid over using and unnecessarily stuffing keywords on the web-pages.

Overuse of the same keywords too many times may cause the search engines to consider it keyword-spamming and may penalize your website accordingly.  Usually the web-owner stuff keywords in the “alt” tags instead of accurate description of the graphic. This too is considered an offence similar to keyword-spamming. To check your keyword density for freeclick here.Using unrelated but popular keywords: You must avoid committing one of the most common SEO mistakes of using popular keyword search phrases into your Meta tags that are not related to your website contents.

Otherwise, the search engines will not take its crawler there and your website will surely be dumped.

Hidden text with keywords

Some unscrupulous website-owners use same colored text as page background and use repeated keywords. This is invisible to the end readers but surely read by search engine robots. As a variation to using invisible (under similar background color) text, some web-owners use text reduced to a size too small to be read by human visitors.

Avoid doing this smart and purposely done SEO mistakes as you are at a risk of getting blacklisted.

Link building mistakes

Attaining back links is important for web rankings but avoid committing SEO mistake of linking your website to any and every website. Link only to relevant websites that are good quality.

Content Language Accuracy

Spelling and grammar mistakes in content are also very common. With the advancements and up-gradation in technology, major search engines are now equipped with spelling and grammar checkers in their ranking algorithms. Web-contents bearing lots of grammar and spelling mistakes are sure to create a negative and sub-standard impression in the minds of the visitors as well.  Therefore, you must carefully check the web-page contents of your site.

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