7 Basic Tips About SEO for websites in WordPress


The platform for creating websites most used today is WordPress and these simple tips on SEO for websites created in WordPress you will become in handy if you’re creating a website for your online business, or even if you already have worked a website on WordPress.

The website created in WordPress is easy to use and configure for any online business. But I miss only create content and post it on the site does not mean that the website will be indexed by search engines.
SEO tips for WordPress site.

As the owner of a website created in the WordPress platform, if you sell your own products or if you work as an affiliate, it is important for you to learn how to use SEO for WordPress.

1- There are two ways in which search engines can find your website:

There are two types of SEO (optimization of search engines). The first is SEO within the page, ie, it comes to your content, links to internal Websites, the way navigation, the website structure, density keywords, video or audio on the pages of the website.

The second type is Off Page SEO, that is outside the website and this is the process of building links pointing to your website from other websites.

In this article, we will see the SEO which deals with all that is really your website and you can control. Even if a search engine can find your website through SEO Off Page.

2- your website is indexed:

First, the settings of your website should allow search engines to index the site. Within the WordPress dashboard, find the option to allow access to your website from search engines. What you are getting in the configuration section – reading option.

In the option of reading, you will see a title that says “Disable search engines to index the site.” You must make sure that this box is checked or not activated!

3- Your website should have a title and subtitle:

In the settings tab, you should seek the General section. Here you will find the site title and keyword. Fill these areas with content relevant to your site, type in keywords you say that your website is about.

4- Your website should have a good navigation system:

Classify your blog and various pages offering good navigation for visitors.When a user visits your site, you want to stay in.

With a good navigation on your site, like an ordered list of categories and recent entries in the sidebar of the site (all done with widgets), you can tell visitors that there is more good content.

5- Check permalinks of your website:

Again you go to Settings and click permalinks. You must enable Message Name option. This will make your domain name, the title of the page will be in the URL. For example


6- Do not forget to use the keywords:

When you start to create content for your pages you should use broad and long tail keywords. You’ll realize that it is easier to rank well in the listings of search engines when using long tail keywords.

For example, a keyword phrase that serious long tail is something like “The 10 Most Luxurious Jewelry Brands In The World,” while a broad keyword would be something like “Jewelry Brands”.

7- Use your website Google sitemap plugin:

This plugin is great because it helps Google have quick access to a map of your site, rather than having to manually create a sitemap that helps guide the search engine robots or spiders around your website.

Imagine having an expert in SEO at your disposal that will suggest ways to improve your web page! So you can discover how you can analyze and improve your content, keywords, images, links, and more.

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